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Hymo is one of Europe´s leading suppliers of lift tables. Hymo´s extensive range of scissor lifts provides reliable, accurate positioning every day on assembly lines and automated production processes.

We are able to offer over 50 years experience in helping companies increase safety, productivity and profitability. Hymo can offer design, supply, service and installation of a wide range of scissor lifts and associated products.

Within our Group structure we have operating companies in Sweden (Headquarter), Britain, Germany, France and The Netherlands. We are also represented by independent distributors in most countries around the world.

Welcome to the Vertical Factory

Welcome to the Vertical Factory

Meet the new Hymo UXB lift table

Meet the new Hymo UXB lift table


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Your privacy is our priority because we believe you must feel confident about how we manage your personal information. We aim to be as transparent as possible about the personal data we collect when we provide our services, about how we use it, and about who we share it with. With this in mind, we […]


Working Platform for assembly Isostatic ovens

Table type: DX10-20/14 Mechanical data Capacity 1000kg Platform size 4530×2580 mm Lift stroke 2000mm Closed height 400 mm Description of use This scissor lifts is used as an working platform for operators building isostatic ovens. The lift is equipped with a railings and gates and the platform is shaped for giving maximum access to the […]


Container Lift with Baldchin

Table type: DX120-51/32 Mechanical data Capacity 12 000kg Platform size 7085 x 3200 mm Lift stroke 5100 mm Lifting time 250 s Closed height 1800 mm Description of use The table is placed underground and on top of the lift, a container for garbage is placed. The container is automatically filled with garbage transported in a underground air driven […]